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Hardware Change - De-Registering Keys?

Ivan Marinucci

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as per title I'm moving my build from old LGA 1150 ATX format to more transportable LGA 1200 mini-ITX

(you may say this change was over-due)

new hardware arrives tomorrow :D


I have Aerosoft's boxed XP11 dvd set and JustFlight's PA-28+REP bought from Aerosoft's online store

(btw out of topic, but I cannot seem to crank the engine right with REP on. Otherwise great aircraft)

Without telling me exactly where the keys bind in the hardware

I'm telling you I'm changing basically everything (mobo, CPU, ram) saving only the SSDs (including the XP installation one) and the GPU

What do I need to do?

Awaiting a response in a timely manner :X (I know, I know, but I can't wait to build the new PC. I'm also donating the old one for Xmas, and time would be of the essence there)

Yours Truly



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  • Administrator

Hello Ivan,


the X-Plane 11 Box you can install on a new computer. Here the DVD 1 is the licence DVD and must lay in the drive.

The copyrights from Laminar Research are only to use the sim on one computer.


Other Addons which use a key for activation you have to activate again with the new computer.

But this depends on the addon/developer. Most times described in the manual....

If there a problem comes up, then please open a Support Ticket for X-Plane:

Aerosoft GmbH | My Tickets | Submit a Ticket


Most times the developers have to reset the key. Then you have to open a ticket with the developers directly.

In general we don't have access to used keys.

But that we can discuss with the above mentioned link.


Greest heinz


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the reply Heinz ;)

I just had the opportunity to check. I only had to re-enter the key for the plane itself - 1 for the normal, 1 for the REP version.

No need to re-install X-Plane or anything as I moved the SSDs with the data inside. This was a little detail I forsook to include

I suppose now this issue can be considered case closed. I am happy i moved with all my winged stuff with me.

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