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Aerosoft A320 Airborn Shutdown


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Hi Guys


I am fully aware that this issue has been reported many times. I've had the issue for years.


During cruise or decend, I quite often get a shutdown on the A320 (and sometimes A330).


I have unchecked all Carenado aircraft in vPilot. So the fixes for this, that I have heard for isn't working for me.


I am flying P3Dv5, the very most updated one, and it was a full install. The airbuses are fully updated and I use Simbrief for planning.


I have tried pretty much everything suggested over the 2 years I have flown the AS Airbusses. 

I have to mention that it is NOT everytime it shuts down, I do have MANY completed and successful flights. But it does happen often.



Any help is good help.



Many Greetings Denmark

Marc Jurek Nielsen

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