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Using "Aerosoft One" along with the "MSFS Addons Linker"

Tom A320

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If you are unsing the MSFS Addons Linker to organize all your MSFS add-ons in your own folder structure logic and only have those add-ons in your MSFS Community folder which are needed for a certain flight, you might find this article useful.


Aerosoft One introduces it's own Aerosoft One Library folder in which all downloaded and installed content is getting installed into. Just like the Orbx Library which is created by the Orbx Central tool (if you wish so).


So beside your own "library" folder you have created for the MSFS Addons Linker there is now another library folder. With this the question arrises, how to get your Aerosoft One add-ons comfortably managed also by the MSFS Addons Linker?


One solution which has been already discussed a few times here in the forum would be to simply copy or move the relevant folder from the Aerosoft One Library to your MSFS Addons Linker library. While this will of course technically work, you are cut off from updates which might get downloaded from Aerosoft One in the future. Unless of course, you copy/move a downloaded update manually again.


A more elegant solution is to use Symbolic Links to make your Aerosoft One add-ons visible within your MSFS Addons Linker library. Those symbolic links are what the MSFS Addons Linker as also Aerosoft One are using. The beauty of them is, that you can chain multiple of such symbolic links together.


Like this:


  • Add-on in Aerosoft One Library --> Symbolic Link (manually created) in MSFS Addons Linker library --> Symbolic Link (created by MSFS Addons Linker) in MSFS Community folder



The following will show what you need to do step by step...


1) Install add-on via Aerosoft One




Please note the "article number" of this add-on. We will need it later on.



2) Delete Symbolic Link which has been created by Aerosoft One




Aerosfot One creates a Symbolic Link into the MSFS Community folder. Where ever you have this Community folder located on your machine, get into it and delete that Symbolic Link. It is not needed!



3) Locate installed add-on in Aerosoft One Library




Open the "Aerosoft One Library\Add-ons" folder and locate the newly installed add-on. This is where the "article number" from step 1 comes in handy. Copy the entire path of the add-on folder into your Windows clipbard (Ctrl+C)



4) Build command to create our own Symbolic Link


Symbolic Links to folders can be created with the "mklink" command with the "/J" parameter. 




The next parameter (target) tells where the symbolic links should be created into. This is a folder within your MSFS Addons Linker Library. It can have any name. For example, I use the ICAO code of an airport add-on in capital letters as prefix.


The last parameter (source) tells to where the symbolic link should point to. This is the add-on folder within the Aerosoft One Library.


Put all together (line 7) and copy it into the Windows clipbaord (Ctrl+C).



5) Run the MKLINK command in a DOS prompt


Press the "Windows Key"+R, enter "cmd" and hit "Enter". Now press "Ctrl+V" to paste the mklink command into the command line




Press "Enter" to run the command





6) Enjoy the new add-on within your MSFS Addons Linker






Having done all this you can manage the newly installed add-on with the MSFS Addons Linker and if your Aerosoft One offers you to install an update, just let it do so. Nothing else needs to be done in that moment.



Update 20.09.2021: I need to change the previous statement. When installing an update, Aerosoft One will create a new Symbolic Link into the MSFS Community folder. So after installing an update you need to repeat Step 2.



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Could you expand this to cover Simple Traffic? There are currently 86 entries in my Community folder. I assume I delete them all BUT should I mklink each individual entry in the  A1 Library or can I just link to the master folder? My concern is keeping current with updates.


Haven't been able to use ST yet, I'm one who is unable to get it running but I have hopes that the update will fix that.







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Hi Vic, 


you can use my instructions above to handle Simple Traffic with the Addons Linker as well. But you would have to repeat the steps 86 times, as you already assumed. 


However, it is also possible to simply add the Simple Traffic folder within the Aerosoft One Library as additional source folder in Addons Linker (Step 2 would still be required!).





Of course this can also be done for all Aerosoft One add-ons instead of the instructions in my first post. But personally I prefer having the Aerosoft One add-ons between all my other add-ons, so I use the additional source folder only for Simple Traffic. 


EDIT 13.12.2021: With Simple Traffic version things are getting more easy, as it only injects one folder into the "Community" folder. So just follow the suggestions from the first post in this topic.



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