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  1. Agreed! I'm coming from the FBW A320 as well and find the CRJ convention cool but not intuitive because the left click still moves the switch in one direction. Otherwise, nice plane.
  2. Understood and appreciate the help---works! So, folks unbind the wheel from the cockpit camera zoom function? Otherwise, when you use the wheel to move the switch, the cockpit zooms in / out.
  3. Thanks much ..will give it a try when I get home for sure. Still, there is a randomness to it that makes me think it is not just that I can/should use the scroll wheel. Most of the time I can move them with a left click. Still if the wheel is workaround -- I'm in.
  4. Using the most recent marketplace version of the CRJ and generally love it. But, having all kinds of trouble with some of the switches. Sometimes, I'll toggle a switch in one direction but can't seem to move it back. I try zooming and different camera views and the mouse cursor shows focus over the switch but it won't operate the switch. Most recently happened with the Panel Light Test switch and needed to exit the flight because I could not turn it off. This is most recent event but it happens with others. The interface is not frozen but that particular switch won't move. Have others seen this?
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