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Bug in Sound settings?


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Hi Peter, all,


It seems there is a bug in the Sound control.


In my Config profile I have set Voice to off in the Sound settings. But after loading the profile, it is always set to On within P3D. All other sound options work correctly.


I found out, that I can only set Voice to off, if the Voice slider is not at the 0% position. If it is somewhere  > 0% the checkbox state is read correctly. But if the slider is at 0% the state of the checkbox is always read as ON.





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yes, I double checked. I also tried with other ConfigSets - same effect.

It's really strange.


I attached my cfgSet.

In the profile I selected "no saved flight" (but same effect also with saved flights)







With Voice slider set to 50% the Voice remains inactive. Only the Mute on Lost Focus is still wrong.





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