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  1. yes, I double checked. I also tried with other ConfigSets - same effect. It's really strange. I attached my cfgSet. In the profile I selected "no saved flight" (but same effect also with saved flights) With Voice slider set to 50% the Voice remains inactive. Only the Mute on Lost Focus is still wrong.
  2. Hi Peter, Same with setting for Mute on lost focus... I have it set to Off, but it’s always On. Thanks for checking, Michael
  3. Hi Peter, all, It seems there is a bug in the Sound control. In my Config profile I have set Voice to off in the Sound settings. But after loading the profile, it is always set to On within P3D. All other sound options work correctly. I found out, that I can only set Voice to off, if the Voice slider is not at the 0% position. If it is somewhere > 0% the checkbox state is read correctly. But if the slider is at 0% the state of the checkbox is always read as ON. Regards, Michael
  4. Hi Peter, as mentioned in my earlier post, I am having strange issue , when I start P3D without(!) Simstarter. So this is no bug report - it's the opposite! There is something, that is configured in Simstarter, which makes it work and that is missing, if I start P3D without Simstarter! If I start P3D manually - everything is working basically. But as soon, as I try to connect software from a client PC, P3D crashes. I tested from 2 different client PC: a) Client PC 1 : Mobiflight (WideFS connection) b) Client PC 2: ActiveSky (SimConnect) In both cases, same behaviour. And both work, if I started P3D via Simstarter. I tried with a new p3d.cfg, but it didn't help? Which are the config files, I need to check? Can I copy them into the corresponding P3d folders to see, if then P3D would work as with Simstarter? Thanks, Michael
  5. Hi Peter, I am experiencing an issue with my P3D/Jeehell system. Since a few days my ILS data is wrong > I am following the glidepath on the PFD, but it's always 600 ft too low compared to the precomputed path according to the MCDU Progress page. I would always touchdown 500m before the runway ... like in "Die Hard II" The only thing I remember I changed, was deleting the default scenery.cfg profile in the Scenery Config Manager. I believe, I wouldn't need it, as I created my own profiles. But although I selected all sceneries in my own profile, I am experiencing above ILS issue. And Jean-Luc found out, that a lot of ILS bgls are missing in the FMGS Navdata look up. Could it be, that this could relate to my deleting of the default imported scenery file? I tried to start P3D without Simstarter to check, if the issue also appears with the P3d original scenery settings, but here I am also experiencing a strange error now, as P3D crashes the moment, I start Mobiflight on my client pc to connect to P3D. This does not happen, when I start P3D via Simstarter. Could this also be caused by missing scenery data? Thanks, Michael
  6. Hi Peter, How do I include ASP3Dv5 in the Simstarter Autostart? ASP3D uses an extra start attribute to differentiate between P3dv5 and v4. So the current link on my desktop icon is: "...\asp3d.exe -simVersion=5" If I enter this link in the field for the AS folder, Simstarter is not finding ASP3D. I do have ASP3D installed on another client machine. May that be an issue? Do I need to use the Simstarter Client only and leave this field blank? Thanks, Michael
  7. Peter, Thank you - working now! Michael
  8. Hi, I have programmed some key commands within FSUIPC to be triggered when pushing one of my Joystick buttons. For example "shift+z" to show the FPS. However this works only until the next launch of P3D. I have 3 different config sets in Simstarter. Are they using their own specific FSUIPC profiles? Or what could be the reason, the settings are always lost? Thanks, Michael
  9. thanks - where exactly can I select these options?
  10. PFPX calculates very low Flight Levels for shorter distances. For example from EDDN to EDDH FL240: N0389F240 ERETO DCT LONLI M726 LASTO M852 HLZ/N0358F200 Z990 DIRBO/N0357F190 T902 RARUP I believe this is too low, isn't it? Shouldn't it be at around ~ FL300? I have updated to latest AIRAC and RAD/DIR files. I am using the A320 Jeehell FMGS profile. For longer distances, i.e. EDDN to LEPA, it looks good (FL370) Any ideas? Thanks, Michael
  11. I am aware, Topcat is not an AS product. As there is no dedicated TOPCAT forum (is there??), I was advised to post it here under PFPX. Will use the other weather sources then - no big deal, I was just curious. Thanks, Michael
  12. From PFPX I am sending my flight plan to Topcat for Fuel calculation. However within Topcat I can not download weather from the Vatsim server since a few months. IVAO and others work. Topcat version: 2.74 Is there maybe an old server link? Where could I check/change this? Thanks, Michael
  13. P3Dv5: When I load a new flight with an A320 at Gate B3, the docking system states "too far". And indeed the plane is pretty much at a distance to the building. When I then activate the jetway (ctrl-j), the jetway gets pulled apart, leaving some blank space in the middle of the jetway, while trying to dock to the airplane I haven't tried other EDDH gates, but I do have the similar effect at some but not all EDDL gates (positioned far away from the building). So not sure, if this is scenery related at all. Where do I need to look into? Thanks, Michael
  14. ja, copy/paste aus dem Online-Account und gleiche Mail-Adresse. So' ne Ka... Da kann ich jetzt wahrscheinlich bis nächste Woche warten, bis der Support Montag wieder erreichbar ist.... 😞
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