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Aerosoft A321 autopilot, throttle, and PFD annunciations go crazy!

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This evening, I was playing FSX and flying the A321, when the power idled, it was stuck at “THR IDLE, DES, and NAV.” When on approach to KCLT runway 36R, it still said THR IDLE, but said G/S, LOC and CAT 1, 1 FD 2, and A/THR. Then I performed a go-around. And when I engaged the autopilot, it started pitching up like crazy and had to disconnect it and the managed speed was stuck at 128 knots even though the PROG page on the MCDU said 194 knots. It did the same thing when I approached the runway a second time.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Was that the first time? How is it now after a restart of the sim.


It’s hard to tell what went wrong. I assume the THR lever was in the CLB detend.



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