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Hi, all

I have a problem with the formula calculating total fuel (see attached picture), I must have done something wrong.


These are the fields


RR 0<&ContingencyFuel[0]:16><&ContingencyTime[2]:12>         
EXTRA         <&ExtraFuel[0]:06>       <&ExtraTime[2]:5>    
TOT FUEL      <&ReleaseFuel[0]:6>       <&ReleaseTime[2]:5>                            

The total fuel is not the sum of all the values.

What values should I use in place of ReleaseFuel and ReleaseTime






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Have you tried enclosing the entries with relevant section commands as in the PFPX template ?


eg: <&AlternateFuelSection_Begin><&AlternateFuelCaption> <&FuelAlternate> <&#[1]:13><&AlternateFuel:6>  ........  <&AlternateTime:5><&AlternateFuelSection_End> 

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