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I have been using the the bravo throttle for airliners for a while and now also have the airbus lever set.

I noticed the functionality of the two sets differ with regard to reverse thrust. 

The airbus levers only have two dedicated reverse thrust levers whereas Boing has four. With the Airbus thrust levers the gate handles will open the reverse thrust gates, and only then the reversers can be pulled back. In the Boing style levers there seems to be a different logic and I am not sure which of the levers I should use for a two engined aircraft of the four. I also noticed that the assignment of the thrust gates in most cases already effect reverse thrust and this sometimes asymmetrically for the two engines (staying with the two engine example).

This causes one engine two go into full reverse while the other does nothing and when pulling back both reverser gates the other engine will go into full reverse. All this occurs when using the generic honeycomb supplied profile with thrust reverser functionality assigned accordingly, i.e. reverser gates = toggle thrust reversers and thrust levers full back = maximum reverse thrust.


For the Boeing levers this does not work in the same reliable way as with the Airbus set. Has this been observed by anyone else and what should be the solution?

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Hi Dornier728,

What are the planes used in both configurations ?

What do you call "gates" exactly ? On/OFF contacts ?


As for the two thrust levers only on the airbus set, this was a Thrustmaster choice as only the A340 has 4 reversers.
A380 only has reversers on the inbound engines, and othe aicrafts, ecxept A340 only have two engines.

The A340 has been discontinued several years ago and few A340 addons exists.


Thank you.


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The problem I have with the Boeing style levers is for Zibo. Other aircraft I use these throttles on were the E-jets Evolution series and the S550 Citation II. the latter jets I will probably use with the airbus style levers from now on.


With gates I mean the thrust reverser gates that open up on the engine cowling in order to deflect thrust forward. This action is triggered in the sim by pulling back the reverser levers.


That the Airbus levers only have two reversers is a forgiven chance in my mind keeping in mind there will be A340 aircraft forthcoming for the sim.

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