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Navdata Pro add on support

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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you are looking at adding Topcat and Active Sky to your supported addons in Navdata Pro?

I am looking at moving from Navigraph as they do not support my Aerowinx PSX setup, but you now do  (Yay good on you).


I have Active Sky and Topcat to help me with my cockpit sim ay home and would like to use one supplier for navdata.


Just thought I would ask.

Thank you and a big thumbs up for supporting Hardy and his great work for we humble armchair fliers :)



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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Sorry, I do not think so. Topcat is dead as a dodo and I'm not aware of any plans for ActiveSky.

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I am also planning the same. It is a shame that the Topcat will not be supported as it would make the switch much easier. However, not sure if you do use PFPX. If yes, you can link Topcat performance to B744 there and substitute for Topcat. I am not sure if aircraft performance for the Topcat is sourced and navdata is used from PFPX database (it would make a sense), or if Topcat supplies navdata as well.


Nonetheless, Aerosoft has at least two new customers, thanks to their open mind and willingness to cooperate with Hardy (and the best sim out there).





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I have just found that gates are missing from YSSY in the Aerosoft Navdata. (I usually use gate 32 but the FMC shows it as missing from the database, as are the others at the international terminal)

I am not sure if gates are usually provided in Aerosoft Navdata, they are in Navigraph, so I thought I might raise the issue.... :)




PS I also use TopCat as it links to Hoppies ACARS system. I know I can use BACARS, however TopCat is better for me as I do not use Vatsim or any other ATC network. TopCat does use navdata in its Metar and landing/takeoff performance factors based on runway lengths/directions.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs
8 hours ago, asboyd said:

I am not sure if gates are usually provided in Aerosoft Navdata

Of course they are, but they are named in a different way: there are domestic and international stands and gate 32 appeares under domestic and international.

So in Navigraph it is just 32 (but dom or int?)

In Navdata pro there is D32 and D32A and I32.

In fact Navdatapro is listing by far more stands then Navigraph (205 versus 46)

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