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Autopilot Problems and Center of Gravity / Load Balance

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I want to share some interesting findings and hear your thoughts:


For many weeks I saw the AP struggle on final approach (and failing) on each and every flight. I also noticed that the CRJ on final always developed a nose up attitude, which made a smooth (manual) approach and landing very difficult.


Today, I decided to try something new: in the EFB I set the aft cargo to Zero. On the performance page, that made the green ball move all the way to the right in the enveope.


On arrival to EDDB, as I reduced speed to 230 knots,  I immediately noticed that the nose up attitude was completely gone! As I lined up for final approach and captured localizer and GS I noticed that the plane was much more stable than I had grown accustomed to. And the AP cought the GS, startet to pitch down and I set flaps to 45. The plane followed the GS like it was on rails. I disengaged the AP at 200ft, with the plane 100% on track.


This makes me believe that there is a direct connection between the bad AP behavior reported by so many and load distribution!


Please try this solution and comment here!

Anyways, I am very happy that I finally managed to have a flight where the CRJ AP behaved exactly as expected (I had forgotten how nice that actually  feels 🙂 )

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