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Very loud windsound along the plane

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Hi everyone,


I deleted all the windsounds out the sound folders of the a320 pro. The noice of the wind is overruling the other sounds when I set the evironment at 80. The sound I hear now sounds like a waterfall. Very loud. I can get it softer by decreasing the slider in environment. But I fly with switching off this one.

I have A320 CFM Sound Turbines. TSS wind deleted. Flying with Prepar 4.5

My wish is to fly without windsound to hear only the engines and other cockpit sounds and ATC.


I think the sound I hear is anything else then from the soundfolders. Who can help me?

Please make me happy.







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I can't send you a PM because I dont have any posts here..

Anyway, thanks for your old 2018 post about TrainSim ground texture missing, your solution helped me fix the same problem with another addon!


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