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  1. Hello, I'm building an Overhead and making panels like real. But is it necessary to have a program for config the switches a.s.o. I try to configurate in FSUIPC(registered) but the most switches do not their work. Or there are not the just mentions in FSUIPC. P.e. I tried to config Master APU and Start. Also is not possible to start engines. Only on the screen with the mouse. I use normal swithches, no Korry's. I suppose a Korry is also a normal on/off switch of moment? So my question: to need a program? Anyone can help me? With kindly regards Joop.
  2. Hello simmers, I can't start the plane with CTRL+E. I made a switch for that but it's not working. Till 10% power and than it runs back. I have FSUIPC registered but many switches are not to connect with items of FSUIPC. Is that correct? I'm making a startpanel but it's impossible to configure the switches. With what item from FSUIPC? I'm grateful for help. Joop.
  3. Hello everythinh, What speed is mentioned in the HUB. Kilometers or Miles (landmiles?) In the speed gauge of some loc's I see miles. But the maximum speed in the cabin is mentioned in KM's. Nowhere I can find an answer. Joop.
  4. Hello everythinh, What speed is mentioned in the HUB. Kilometers or Miles (landmiles?) In the speed gauge of some loc's I see miles. But the maximum speed in the cabin is mentioned in KM's. Joop.
  5. Hello Simmers, This problem is solved. I bought European Loco&Asset Pack. After addon installation no problem. Only that, after some miles, I saw a buffer in an grasfield. And then a collision. I was waiting before a red light but after a quarter it was not chaged in green. So I drive but then the buffers. I think it's not good waiting so long. It's a game and the player will continue within a short time. That's all foulks. Thanks for viewing my problem. With regards Joop.
  6. Edit. Coreection about my specs. These are: MSI GTX 1070 and CPU is I7-3770. Further I can tell that the installation of this route on another PC, gives the same problem. So I think that the product is damaged. But how can I get refund of this product? Or another product? I don't dare purchase new products. I hope that Aerosoft can help me. This is a bad begin to simming Trains and I'm disappointed. I see that no one can help me. Joop.
  7. Hello, Yesterday I bought Köblitzer-Bergland 3-reloaded and TS2018. This is the beginning for me with train sim. But I have a problem with the landscaspe scenery. This scenery exists of many many yelow/black stripes. (See picture) All my experience with years long simming with Flight Simulator Prepar3D can't help me to solve this train problem. My PC specs are: NVidia GTX 970, CPU I5-3770. Is anybody who can help me to fix this problem? It's a very ugly sight. I have to say that this is not the problem with the default Mittellander express. With regards, Joop.
  8. JOOP PC

    Directly crash by opning BOLOGNA.

    Pirlote, You are right but I purchased the airfield by SIMMARKET. Normaly no problems. But when ordering I have to click to agree with their conditions. So I have no leg to stand on. Masterhawk, I deactivated the crash detection. Now I can fly with this Bologna but it's impossible to place the plane directly on the runway. Always be placed on a same place on the platform. No problem but when I mentioned the activate runway, it had to work. So now I'm flying deactivated but the excitement of the landing is still the same. I'll see if it enjoy me. I have contacted Aerosoft about this problem but they don't answer. Pity.! Now guys, thanks for your reaction. Joop.
  9. Hello everybody, Some days ago I bought Airport Bologna. After a succesful installation and when I start this airfield, then, directly a crash. Without detecting crashes no crash but, mentioned on the runway, it was standing by the gate. By the gate is always the crash. So, I was flying TO Bologna and when in the landing, at the moment the wheels touch the runway, BOOM!! a crash again. For the good understanding: I bought 3 airfields at the same moment from Simmarket. The other fields had the same problems but that's fixed. I hope. But Bologna remains a problem and is not to use. The scenery of the field is good. I tried a start with another airplane, but this gave the same problem. CRASH directly. After 5 seconds waiting Prepar changed to my default airfield. As normaly after a crash. The airfield I bought is for Prepar V4. What's the problem and how to fix this? Thanks for your help. Joop.
  10. JOOP PC

    Stuttgart P3DV3 not in P3DV3

    Hello Tom, I wait for an update of Stuttgart. And if not: I purchase a new one. Many thanks for your support. Joop.
  11. Hello everybody, Can it be that it's standard for Roma Ciampino that there are no centerlinelights? I'm missing these lights. In daylight I don't see lamps. So I suppose that my Ciampino is correct. True? Joop KingAir350
  12. JOOP PC

    Stuttgart P3DV3 not in P3DV3

    It's not the migration tool. Via "Search Everything" I deleted all files of MigrationTool. But that seems not be the problem. As mentioned, direct to V4 no problem to install. But there are worse things in the world. I know it's not the Stuttgart install.That worked well in P3DV3. I'm not pessimistic but a diehard about problems. All over 5 years. Every day. But now all seems te run perfect accept 2 small problems like mentioned. I go waiting for an update Suttgart V4. No install problems with all my other fields. Tom, I'm very glad with your help. For me, 80 years, there are still many things to learn. Greetings.
  13. JOOP PC

    Stuttgart P3DV3 not in P3DV3

    It's not possible to install Stuttgart in P3D V3. Still coming the mentioned screen. I hope for an update. But when? I bought EDDS 2 months ago. So it's wasted money to purchase a new one. What about Ciampino, your right. I'll make a new topic. Thanks for your help. Joop.
  14. JOOP PC

    Stuttgart P3DV3 not in P3DV3

    Hello Tom, Thanks for your fast reaction. I have a migration tool installed. I shall re-install this one and then see what it does. I had to say that many airports P3D V3 (21 fields) has been transportated from the folder P3D V3 to folder P3D V4. And then from the V4 folder I transportated the scenery and texture to the SceneryLibrary. And that without problems. Only when it's only an original FSX, than it's not working. So as Alicante from Eiresim. And Barcelona from Aerosoft. An old one. Now I have still another problem. I mentioned this to Aerosoft via E-mail but I have not got an answer. So I ask you or anyone else: I have purchased Roma Ciampino. A nice field for my plane but I have not runway lights. Ciampino is for V4. I have to land only with daylight and fair weather. Is this item to fix? I hope so. Greetings Joop. (KingAir 350)
  15. Hello Simmers, Previously I installed EDDS in Prepar3D V3. Now a re-install to V3, I can click for V3 but after next: COULDN'T FIND MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATION. I made an install to V4 and there are no problems and converted to Library I get Stuttgart very well but only with greengras platforms. But how to install to P3D-V3 without that screen Microsoft. It's quite logical that it's not to find. It's not in my PC. What's wrong with this? Joop.