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  1. Best people, It is solved. I cleaned all in the Prepar configurations in settings>controls. I don't know what was the problemmaker but it works now. Only, the wheel opens with 13.5 Up. Then I can move with the mouse till zero or what else. Not yet as it must be but I can flying again. Thanks for your help. Joop.
  2. It's not the skalarki controler. I fly any other aircrafts, as Raptor default, Mooney Bravo and some others. All the other planes have a trimwheel in the highest UP-stand. This seems a bug of Prepar 4.5 so now I'm making a reinstall of Prepar 3D. When it's solved I let you know that. Joop.
  3. Hello, Mijn trimwheel in A320 Pro staat vast op 13,5 UP. Geconfigureerd met Skalarki Profiler config. De andere controls werken wel. Graag Uw hulp in deze. Joop Verboom.
  4. Mopperle, I have NavdataPro in the Configurator. For flightplans I use Navigraph Charts and VRoute. As said, no problems with all my other fields. ESKS is the latest download from ORBX. Regards.
  5. Hello, I'm flying with the A320 Prof. Making a flightplan , ESGG to ESKS with the MCDU, I get the message NOT IN DATABASE. ESKS is an ORBX field evenso many other fields I have. The other ORBX fields give no problems. Only ESKS. In ATC of Prepar no problem to make a flightplan. ESKS is also in the library. What's wrong with this? Joop. (Netherlands.)
  6. Yes, that was the problem and now fixed. However I'm not fascinated of the Dynamic Lighting. Losing very much framerates. Sure EDDR. Mostly I don't fly with darkness. I want to see the scenery. But sometimes, yeah, it's nice in the dusk. Mopperle, many thanks for your help. It was a simple thing but took much time. José Arbóllejos PS. Que tan pájaro el Quebrantahuesos.
  7. No HDR. No Dynamic Light. Only enabled: Landing Lights illuminate ground.
  8. Sorry, this item was wend from another PC then my Flight PC. One moment please for a new one. This is what I see in my Flight PC.
  9. I have the download. But what now? I don't understand what to do with this content. It seems a notebook screen. Not to install. Post the output here you said. But what is the output? The whole screen? And then you look and make a correction? Help me please.
  10. Hello all, The landinglights and the taxilights are burning but they don't illuminate the runway. I can switch off/on and I see the lamps changing. What to do for solving this problems? Airbus 320 Prof. P3D 4.5 W10 64 bits. GTX 1070. With regards Joop Verboom
  11. Hello, There's a problem with the MCDU A320 pro. Inserting a flightplan make troubles. The waypoints do not come in order but are mixed up when I insert a following waypoint. Sometimes in order but vice-versa. The STAR is mostley or in the middle or in the start. What can be wrong with this? I hope for a solution. With regards Joop PC.
  12. Hello everything, When I had configured a route and loc, then I push the start button. But I only get a great screenshot mentioned WINTERSALE ENABLE. After this screen I see some repeating screenshots and that's all. What's wrong whit this? JOOP PC
  13. Klisura, thanks for your help. I'm not on facebook. For me no facebook. Merry Christmas. Joop. (80 years).
  14. At the moment I'm busy with making the panels. I have some switches on a panel. The light switches and AP buttons. But I will know how it works for the configuration. All switches and leds need a script I suppose. In the past I had Prosim for Boeing 737. So it's not possible to config the APU MASTER/START. Not in the FSUIPC. Even I can't config the start panel with the switches.So I'm busy the get information before I purchase Korry's. The meaning is switches. Is cheaper. With refards Joop.
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