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Installing CYQM Greater Moncton airport. MSFS shows it "Not Installed"

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Good day,


When trying to install the Greater Moncton Airport CYQM on a fresh OS and MSFS install, I seem to be having a bit pf trouble.


After running the installer, the files are put into the community folder as expected. When I open the Sim and check the Content manager it shows as not installed.


What have I missed or done wrong? When I first got it a while ago it installed completely. Did I miss a step here somewhere?


Here are the steps I took.

1 - Confirmed that it was not in the Community folder. 

2 - Unzip the  file to a fresh location

3 - Run the install .exe file giving all the necessary information and the Key.

4 - Rum MSFS. check Content Manager. In the "Not installed" list the airport shows up, but I do not see any way to install or activate it.


Any assistance greatly appreciated.




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  • Deputy Sheriffs

That is a bug in the content manager of the current MSFS version ( and It shows no content in your community folder as installed. The add-on however work just fine in the sim.


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