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Explaination of the different .mdl files

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Hi everyone,


Love the product, thank you for all your hard work on it!


Can someone give me a breakdown of all the different model files across the A320 family please? Some are self explanatory, but for example in the A319 IAE there are:


  • PL2WIN
  • A319_VC
  • A319_EXT


Thanks for your help.

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

The one in model folder should just be the VC with and without sharklets.


GBDCF is the classic exterior without sharklet


PL2WIN is a special windows configuration without sharklets


SAT same as above just with satdome

and their should be a model SHARKLET, classic config.


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

It’s more or less the same logic. Just check the aircraft.cfg which model is called for which livery. Then you can compare the external.

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