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Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo - Axis and Oh's Templates for Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 - with cockpit animations and improved throttle binding

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Axis and Oh's Templates for Aerosoft CRJ 550/700

Hi! I already posted this in the official discussion forums, but I was requested by one of the community managers of this club to post it here as well :)Here are a few Axis and Oh's templates for Aerosoft CRJ to use with the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quadrant.

The following templates are provided:


Additional RPN scripts are also provided to customize your hardware setup.


Link: Flightsim.to • Axis and Oh's Templates for Aerosoft CRJ by FltsimFlyboy

Notable Features
  • Cockpit animations and sounds associated with hardware controls
  • Multiple interaction modals for controls - press, long press, press and hold, etc.
  • Autopilot Flight Control Panel support
  • Custom throttle lever bindings enabling SHUT OFF/IDLE movements
  • Custom reverser bindings to automatically stow and disengage reversers when the handles are released (without the need to wiggle the levers)
Improved Throttle Operation!

You need to use the commercial 2-engine setup for the levers on the TQ, using the middle two slots. Before starting the aircraft, move the throttle levers down to the detent button position. This corresponds to the throttle SHUT OFF position. When you need to introduce fuel to the engine, simply push forward the levers out from the detent position to the axis low position. This corresponds to clicking the red guards and moving the throttle to the IDLE position to introduce fuel. You will see the red locks disengaging automatically and the throttles moving to the IDLE position. To cut fuel and turn off the engines, move the throttle levers back to the detent position. You will see the red guards lifting automatically and throttles moving to the SHUT OFF position.

To engage the thrust reversers, pull the reverser handles back. This corresponds to setting the maximum reverse thrust. To disengage reverse thrust, just release the reverser handles. This will set the engines to IDLE, like in the real aircraft.

Note:  No axis bindings are provided as part of the template. You need to set up your axis bindings according to Aerosoft's recommendation for the CRJ in the MSFS controls settings.
GitHub Link for the project

GitHub - asmitde/axisandohs_templates: Scripts and templates for Axis and Oh's [MSFS]

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Version 2.0 available with an updated FCP template for the Bravo. New feature: ALT/HDG/SPEED/CRS1 knobs can now be accelerated for faster changes by toggling a switch.

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