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    Just wanted to say that the VNAV option works really great and does work on some RNAV approaches I have tried. I am just wondering if this is really in some of the real CRJ7 aircraft? If ever, is there a guide on how to properly use this and best when? I know it may not really be of much of an advantage when used with ATC but it really does what's programmed in the FMC. Amazing!
  2. @FltsimFlyboyThanks a lot for this. I have disabled msfs gear settings and yes it does not warn anymore though if you switch airplane states, thats when it warns again. I will try this script and let u know. Thank you so much for ur efforts with this.
  3. Thanks for this information. But from what is happening in sim at least is that Wing does not eat that much alone when turned on and also cowl alone. It eats up a lot when BOTH are switched on together. I don't know if this is correct or not in real life. Thanks.
  4. Is this normal for the N1 to reduce this much when wing and cowl anti ice is on? Tried throttle on Max, toga and climb detent. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021.06.04 -
  5. My question now is this... Is the updated Navigraph Professional for CRJ better in terms of not making the sim lock or freeze or work with the outdated default CRJ navdata?
  6. How can I revert back to the old NavData (orig installed from crj installation) if I installed the Navigraph 2105 Airac? Thanks.
  7. Hi. I have some issue regarding the whole sim to freeze when I try to input some arrival airport ILS runway on the CRJ. An example route is LSZH-LFSB. When I tried choosing in the ARR ILS33Z sim just freeze. Had to CTRL+ALT+DEL and restart sim. CRJ V1.0.4.0 with Navigraph Airac 2105 professional installed. Thanks.
  8. Hi @FltsimFlyboyWould it be possible to bind the Bravo flap axis and also the TO TO button? If so, how? Thanks.
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