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  1. Hi @FltsimFlyboyWould it be possible to bind the Bravo flap axis and also the TO TO button? If so, how? Thanks.
  2. Hi FltsimFlyboy. Thank you for this but can I ask what button is this? My toggle dial now is not doing it by one digit. Sometimes 10’s hundreds or thousand when I dial. Am i missing something?
  3. Sorry to hear its still there. Mine is solved with the change server or disable multiplayer in world page solution but what I can't explain is why CRJ V1 does not have this issue on my system.
  4. Exciting! Would be nice to have even just one window with higher polygons for camera use to make it look realistic using window views.
  5. Hi. I would like to know when pressing Set Payload to Sim the second time it gives you a different CG and trim values? Is this a normal or a known bug? If so, then which one should be about right for now? Press once or twice? Thanks.
  6. Maybe he is using a livery that u dont have currently installed?
  7. Update on my system. I dont have the stuttering now. I hope it stay this way . Recently, I have seen a lot of ppl post thats very similar to my issue with them using another aircraft. They are experiencing this with the recent update and suggesting to turn off multiplayer. Now for mine, i have noticed I was able to resolve the stuttering when i powered off my router. I started it on again and there it was. So m thinking, is this really a data problem? Now I cleared my rolling cache, increased it to 50gb and now its stutter free. I am unsure what fixed it at this point actually but I am
  8. I dont have it but am planning to use the honeycomb bravo with axis and ohs its arriving in a few days. Is that using some of this spad.nxt and lvars?
  9. Can you put a link on the discord channel pls. Thanks.
  10. I am unsure of that. Can you pls elaborate how do i get that? Thanks.
  11. So glad to have an update on this particular case. Thank you to all of the suggestions. It is much appreciated.
  12. Hi. I have even tried All LOW settings and did not solve the issue.
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