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  1. Does this happen to other aircraft like the a32nx? Or is only affecting the CRJs?
  2. @Mathijs Kok Is this a known issue again? Microsoft Flight Simulator 2021.12.02 -
  3. Me too. Airspeedtape going nuts again and crj stopped climbing. Overheat brakes came on mid flight. What s going on here.
  4. I might have found the culprit. I disabled the CRJ Cockpit Textures Mod by @MoreRightRudder and its fixed. Please let me know if you have the same issue with the mod coz I really love the textures. Thanks.
  5. Hi. After SU6, I am currently experiencing blurry outside view from the cockpit. Instruments are sharp but the outside view is like being downscaled. Scaling is set to 100. Resolution 4k. LOD 150. I tried 400 and still the same. Did a complete reinstall and still is blurry. I tried A32nx and its fine. Does anyone have any idea what is going on with this? Thanks. Setup is R5950x + RTX3090. Custom Ultra settings.
  6. Please try closing the AAO window and open back again then try. I assume u applied the template already with the aircraft.
  7. Will the smoke and water effects on the wheels be added in the next patch?
  8. Here u go. Just pulled from one of the scripts here. Credit to the one who coded it. HUD Down 1·(>L:ASCRJ_HGS_COMBINER_SET,·Bool) HUD Up 0·(>L:ASCRJ_HGS_COMBINER_SET,·Bool)
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