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TCA Quadrant, Add-On and Sidestick Template/Scripts for AxisAndOhs


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Hey all! I've been working on a template using LVAR's for AxisAndOhs for use with the TCA controllers and thought I would share it here. I'm super happy with how this all worked out and after messing around in the demo version of AxisAndOhs for a while, after getting this all set up I decided to go ahead and buy the full version. Very happy with how it all turned out! Even managed to work a way out to emulate using the throttle levers and latches to start the engines! Here is a video showing the controls added through AxisAndOhs. If you watch the full video that will give you the full setup from start to end using the assignments in both MSFS and AxisAndOhs.


Here's a list off all the bindings I added (download link for the template and scripts at the bottom):


TCA Quadrant:


  • Engine mode selector (CRANK) - Left engine idle/shutoff release latch
  • Engine mode selector (IGN/START) - Right engine idle/shutoff release latch
  • Virtual button 12 - Left throttle lever to cutoff position (only enabled when corresponding release latch opened)
  • Virtual button 16 - Right throttle lever to cutoff position (only enabled when corresponding release latch opened)
  • Button 5 (L eng fire warning light button) - APU Power on/off
  • Button 6 (R eng fire warning light button) - APU Start on/off
  • Eng 1 start switch - Left Thrust Reverser Arm/Disarm
  • Eng 2 start switch - Right Thrust Reverser Arm/Disarm


TCA Add-On:


  • Flap axis - Flaps 0-45
  • Parking brake - Parking brake on/off
  • Gear lever - Gear up/down


TCA Sidestick:


Sidestick in 'Copilot' (right-handed) mode.


  • Button 4 - Toggle SPEED mode (FCP)
  • Button 5 - Toggle HDG mode (FCP)
  • Button 6 - Toggle NAV mode (FCP)
  • Button 7 - Toggle taxi light
  • Button 8 - Toggle landing lights (L, R & nose all on one button)
  • Button 9 - Toggle strobe lights
  • Button 13 - Toggle flight director 1


Flightsim.to • CRJ 550/700 TCA Quadrant, Add-On & Sidestick Template & Scripts for AxisAndOhs by BobbyFuzzy


Hope this helps some of you! Any questions, comments or feedback please feel free to drop them below!

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