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Why are some variables, controls and functions not directly available in some addons ?


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Why are some variables, controls and functions not
directly available in some addons ?


A typical example is :

"I want to set Autopilot Attitude Hold in my XXX addon, but when I assign a knob of my hardware

to the AUTOPILOT ATTITUDE HOLD function in Flight Simulator, it doesn't work in the addon...

It all about ability to override the simulator data/variable handling.

And it really depends on the variables and the simulator.

- Sometimes, you can access a variable, treat it, modify it, then the simulator overrides it
   before it is made available to the simmer.
- Sometimes, it is the other way round, the Simulator first treat it, then leave it completely to the addon.

For some addons, the simulator way is perfectly ok, for some other not.
It all depends on the systems the addon is implementing.

Sometimes, if the addon wants to achive certain goals, the way simulator works simply doesn't work.
Workarounds need to be found, involving for instance access to data via the L-Vars only.


Don't blame the developpers !
Bear in mind that the developpers always want the addon to be easly usable.
- They don't limit data access on purpose.

- They don't ignore the standard system.
-----> They sometimes simply don't have the choice.

In the complex aicraft modelling world, they simply don't want to give up realism for ease of Plug&Play - Default assignment reasons.

It is always a trade off. 

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