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Simflight.de CRJ review

Mathijs Kok

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We all believe: The CRJ is a great airplane, which from the point of view of us hardcore simmers brings Microsoft Flight Simulator enormously forward. It allows great after-work flights over the great scenery, and with great performance (on our computers, see below). Especially, but not only, in VR it's a great experience to fly this complex jet through the simulated world, and very satisfying to execute a flight as planned.


Small bugs the software still has, but no "showstoppers". Stable it runs already today. For just under 50 Euros, it is again cheaper than the aircraft add-ons in the other simulators, and we wish Aerosoft that many newcomers to flight simulation will use it to become hardcore simulators. From us there is a clear buy recommendation!


What could stand in the way a bit: The operation of the CRJ is a bit stressful even for us, who have experience with system-deep addons (remember: in reality there are always two people sitting in the cockpit, we are on our own). Hopefully the - positively formulated - steep learning curve is not too steep and frustrating. Fortunately, video tutorials help - the included literature explains sufficiently how to operate the aircraft, but is not easy to work through.

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