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Crash of P3D without(!) Simstarter


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Hi Peter,


as mentioned in my earlier post, I am having strange issue , when I start P3D without(!) Simstarter.


So this is no bug report - it's the opposite! There is something, that is configured in Simstarter, which makes it work and that is missing, if I start P3D without Simstarter!


If I start P3D manually - everything is working basically.

But as soon, as I try to connect software from a client PC, P3D crashes. I tested from 2 different client PC:

a) Client PC 1 : Mobiflight (WideFS connection)

b) Client PC 2: ActiveSky (SimConnect)


In both cases, same behaviour. And both work, if I started P3D via Simstarter.

I tried with a new p3d.cfg, but it didn't help?


Which are the config files, I need to check? Can I copy them into the corresponding P3d folders to see, if then P3D would work as with Simstarter?





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