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PFPX Cost Calculations (not cost index)

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I got back to planning my flights with PFPX after a bit of a hiatus and there are a few calculations that I am unclear about, specifically around costs (not cost index).


So here is what I entered for a DFW-ICN flight with KE on the 747-400 and I am not totally clear on what is calculated or if it is reasonable. I am happy to crunch the numbers on a different aircraft/route if someone has more detailed information to compare.


Flight #1:

Fuel Price: $587.87/ton (https://www.iata.org/en/publications/economics/fuel-monitor/)

Fixed/Flight Hour: $500.00 (round number to see how things are calculated)

Var/Flight Hour: $3,151.00 (non-fuel costs for Delta 747-400 https://www.planestats.com/bhsw_2014sep)


Result:  13:29 flight time

Flight Cost: $50,008.00

Fuel Cost: $84,381.00

Total Cost: $134,389.00

Cost per Pax: $339 (This seems low considering the fare on a round trip DFW-ICN is $2000 for economy)


I would love some better numbers but I am more curious about how the calculations are made for the fixed and variable flight costs and to a greater extent how it is used for the minimum cost flight plan option.


Obviously this will never get quite as close to the real thing as overflight costs and landing fees aren't in this calculation but I am curious about making it a little better.



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