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Track IR v5 with Microsoft Flight Simulator


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Track IR v5 with Microsoft Flight Simulator
”The simplest way to look left or right is to look left or right”
(Jacques II de Chabannes de La Palice 1470 - 1525)


This step by step tutorial shows you how to use the NaturalPoint Track IR v5 with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Forget the hat view buttons or the mouse…


We assume you have the Track IR and the reflector or the Trackclip Pro.

Either the Natural Point - TrackIR 5 Standard Set or the Natural Point - TrackIR 5 Gamer Set

Let’s go !

STEP 1 :
Goto the Track IR website to download the driver :
Click on “Download the Software”.


On the download page, choose the latest available version
Click “Download”


The software will typically be downloaded in your “Downloads” folder.
This may change upon your computer or personal settings.


RIGHT-click on the downloaded software and select “Run as administrator” from the popup menu.
This will insure the installer gets write access to your hard disk.


The installation has started.
Basically, simply follow the default steps and settings.


This may seem odd, but make sure the MSFS 2002 support is installed too.
Click “Next”


STEP 7 :
An news shortcut icon will appear on your desktop.



Connect your Track IR to the computer on a free USB port.
Try to avoid hubs if possible or make sure these are self-powered. The Track IR requires some current.


RIGHT-click on the TrackIR v5 shortcut icon on your desktop and select “Run as administrator”
from the popup menu.

STEP 10:
The software will start. The Track IR will be detected. The identifier show is the serial number of

The connected unit. It is the same number as the one on the label attached to the device cable.

STEP 11:
Make sure you press “Game Updates” top-right of the screen.
This will make sure Microsoft Flight Simulator is added to the game list.


STEP 12:
You can check the game list (“Titles” is correctly updated)



STEP 13:
An icon will appear in the system tray.
By default it will start the Track IR software upon computer startup if the Track IR is connected.



STEP 14:
Start Microsoft Flight Simulator and fully load a flight.
The Track IR software will detect the simulator :



That’s it !
Put the reflector or your cap or the TrackClip on you headphone and the image on the screen will follow your head movement.


There are a lot of parameters you can setup in the Track IR software to optimize the realism.
However, there are two main parameters you must consider from the start.

1 – Speed :
This is the ratio between the displacement of your head and the displacement of the image.
The lower the number, the more you will need to turn your head to see on the sides.
Adust it so you can cover the desired field of view (typically 180°) by turning your head from one side of your monitor to the other..
So, looking to the left side of your monitor should show the left window of your aircraft on the screen.


2 – Smooth :
This parameter sets the response time of the system. It is a damper.
Set it very smooth at the start to get used to the system and avoid headache or nausea in the beginning.


You can recenter the image or point of view at anytime in the game by pressing F12.

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