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Dear all


Proud owner of the new Honeycomb Bravo throttle which fits very nicely with my Alpha. 

I use X-Plane and mainly two airplanes, the Zibo Mod and Toliss Airbus.. Now I have not configured Toliss yet (kinda waiting for the Airbus edition of the levers)

but I have started to configure the Zibo. 

While I got all of the buttons working, and I have lights on i.e gear, some announcements etc. But I cannot seem to figure out the LED for IAS, HDG, ALT button lights


So I post this questions here:


Here you can see the dataref for Auto Pilot button is applied, but in terms of Index and Value I am not sure. 

Logic tells me that =1.0 is the correct or =1 

This becuse the lights should be off when the button is not active (0) and (1) if the button is activated.

I have binded this to Command A on Zibo as shown below but I have used >=1 (which seems to work)



But for the LED lights, it does not. As seen below I've added 0 (should be off) and >=1 as (should be on)



Now, question is this:


Which should I use?





Or does it not matter and should index be 0 or nothing?


Datarefs used:


CMD A = laminar/B738/buttons/autopilot/cmd_a






Please help



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Index is used when a variable is an array and the index will point to the specific element within the array.  Autopilot is not an array so remove the index value altogether.  Also, I'm not sure if autopilot can be toggled off using the variable (it's possible) but the proper way to turn off the autopilot is with the "Servos Disconnect" command.


If the dataref does not allow toggling of the AP (it sounds like you already have it working so this may just be academic) you could use some conditions on the switch.  I don't know the variables off-hand so I'll use "pseudo-code" here.  As an example:


If AP_Status is ON

  THEN command "Servos Disconnect"


  command "AP_ON"



But definitely do not use Index if the dataref is not an array.



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Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.

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