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  1. I agree that a variable delay would be useful. Nice suggestion. As for the multiple press events to assign different repeat options to different conditions... BRILLIANT! I'll have to use that. I can even see setting four different events - one for each repeat option - and then assigning different conditions to each of them as the need dictates. (i.e. Delayed Fast for setting the altitude, Delayed Normal for HDG and CRS, None for VSI, etc.) Aerosoft has done a great job with this update. I've finally been able to use the CRS mode with the FF 757. (As a side note, the increment value is + or - 0.01 for it to increment by 1's.) Highspeed
  2. It sounds like you not only have the selections programmed in the HC profile, but you also have a command assigned to the knob (increase direction) as well. If something is configured in the HC profile, the corresponding entry in the XP Joystick settings should be set to "Do Nothing". Check that and see if there's something assigned to the knob's "INCR" button in XP. If so, set it to "Do Nothing" and that should solve the problem. Highspeed
  3. I'm actually of the opposite opinion (and that's all it is, for what it's worth)... anything that can be configured in X-Plane Joystick settings SHOULD be set there since you can create profiles that are automatically assigned to an aircraft or several aircraft and you don't have to switch things around manually. The only things that should be configured in the HC Configurator are items that CANNOT be configured in XP - specifically the LEDs and the rotary knobs as well as items that need to use datarefs instead of commands. Keep your HC configuration as simple/generic as possible. If you DO need to have multiple profiles in the HC Configurator, you can still change them after starting your flight. Just start the configurator, select the desired profile and activate it. Then in XP, go to the plugins menu, select the Honeycomb plugin menu, then the device (Yoke or Throttle) and click "Reload Bindings" this will load the currently active profile and everything will be set up according to that profile. It's no problem (as far as I have found) to swap profiles this way and works well when you switch aircraft to one that needs a different profile. So you have options and I'm not sure either approach is correct/incorrect. It's just a matter of what is more convenient for your specific circumstances. Highspeed
  4. Index is used when a variable is an array and the index will point to the specific element within the array. Autopilot is not an array so remove the index value altogether. Also, I'm not sure if autopilot can be toggled off using the variable (it's possible) but the proper way to turn off the autopilot is with the "Servos Disconnect" command. If the dataref does not allow toggling of the AP (it sounds like you already have it working so this may just be academic) you could use some conditions on the switch. I don't know the variables off-hand so I'll use "pseudo-code" here. As an example: If AP_Status is ON THEN command "Servos Disconnect" ELSE command "AP_ON" ENDIF But definitely do not use Index if the dataref is not an array. Highspeed
  5. This is awesome! Do you have any idea when the new version might be available?
  6. To avoid seeing this message, I've created a new "Default_Yoke" profile using the "Default_Profile" as the template and the yoke as the device. This creates a blank yoke configuration which I then activate. No more message when starting a flight and I can still configure everything through X-Plane settings. Just a way I've found to eliminate the annoyance of that message.
  7. Makes sense. From all my recent questions/answers, it sounds like you guys are really on top of this. Thanks for all your hard work! Highspeed
  8. It would be good if the "Value" could be assigned to something like "<dataref_name> + 1" or "<dataref_name> - 10" such that the plugin would read the dataref and add/subtract the specified value to/from the existing value and assign that new value to the dataref. This is, of course, specifically X-Plane "language" but the same concept can be applied to any of the simulators. EDIT: I just re-read the initial post and that indicated a similar concept. I do hope this can be worked out soon. Thanks. Highspeed
  9. I have a couple of questions about the operation of the XP plugin: What is the purpose of "Show Bindings" in the plugin menu? It doesn't seem to do anything that I can see. I often (almost always) have to manually "Reload Bindings" to get the profile to actually become active. I see the message "Profile loaded" when I first enter the cockpit, but it doesn't work until I manually reload it. In some cases, the throttle profile loads and works but the yoke profile still needs to be manually reloaded. Other times, neither profile is actually active and I have to reload both. Is anyone else seeing these issues? Highspeed
  10. This may or may not be specific to X-Plane 11 (I don't fly any of the other simulators), but in the X-Plane plugin it would be nice to have a "Profile Manager" module so that profiles can be selected/activated from the plugin itself. As it is now, I can open the HC Configurator and select, then activate the profiles and go the to plugin menu to reload the profile. But it would be more convenient to do it all in the plugin menu. Highspeed
  11. I can't speak for Aerosoft, but from a Laminar Research point of view, the box version and the digital download are two different products. The box version (as you know) uses disk 1 for the "key". The digital download requires a key that you type in to a prompt. That key is a separate purchase from the box set and is not part of a box purchase. You would need to purchase a separate key if you want to use the digital download. I'm pretty sure Aerosoft would follow these same stipulations in their product line-up. Highspeed
  12. So I've made some additional discoveries on my initial questions. I had been focused on this utility to configure things for the Bravo Throttle Quadrant, but found that it can also be used for the Alpha Flight Control (yoke) as well. So in testing on the Alpha, I've found the following: The configuration utility does NOT need to be running once you've applied your configuration for each device. As in my initial assumption, the utility creates the necessary .json files for the plugin. Once this is done, the configuration utility can be closed and the plugin will do the work within the sim. I've successfully created/used an INT: (internal) variable of type int (integer). This is allows me to use a button as a "Shift" button so that other buttons can have two functions. It'd still be nice to have some more documentation on what all can go into the Variable field aside from the datarefs/commands of X-Plane itself. I'm hoping one of the devs might see this and respond but if not, I'll open a support ticket instead. Highspeed
  13. Hi guys, New here and have some questions re: the Honeycomb Configurator application. I've just downloaded and installed this application from the Honeycomb site in anticipation of receiving my Bravo Throttle Quadrant in the coming weeks. It's a beta but seems to work pretty well as near as I can tell without having the hardware. In messing around with it, I've come across a couple of questions or perhaps suggested changes to the utility and I couldn't find any forums specific to this utility so I hope this is a good place. It's the configurator for X-Plane. My questions are: It seems that the configurator creates a .json file for each device (Alpha Yoke, Bravo Throttle, etc.) There is also a plugin that runs inside of X-Plane and that plugin reads the .json files created by the configurator. So I'm assuming the configurator doesn't need to be running for X-Plane to "see" the configurations, is this correct? In perusing through the "default" configuration for the Bravo, I see what seems to be "Internal" variables such as "INT:FCU_SELECTOR, string" which are used elsewhere as conditions for other knobs/switches. However, there is no documentation as to how these are created, what format to use, etc. In the above example, the string is pretty obvious as the value is set as "IAS", "CRS", "HDG", etc. and I'm sure it would support integers as well as other value types. However, could we get some documentation as to the exact format for these fields? Also in regards to the Internal variables, can a variable defined in one device be used as a condition on the other device? For example, can a button on the yoke be assigned as a variable that would then be used as a "shift" function for buttons/switches on the throttle? Finally, in the conditions area for LEDs there is a "Condition-Link" field which is either "AND" or "OR". This determines how the various conditions (if more than one are present) are evaluated. In one case, an LED would light if any of the conditions are true (e.g. Low Oil Pressure would light if any engine has a low pressure indication), but in another the LED would light only if all conditions are true (i.e. Landing Gear Position has a value greater than 0 AND less than 1). Is it possible to have advanced logic such that several conditions are evaluated, some with an AND and some with an OR? A good example would be the landing gear light that would come on as indicated above but also if a "Lamp Test" were activated. So it would need to be "Landing Gear Red = Landing Gear Position > 0 AND < 1 OR Lamp Test Active". Hoping to hear more on these questions. I know this software is in beta right now, at least as I understand it, and I'd like to have some input as to additional features or enhancement to existing features. Highspeed EDIT: Ooooops, I meant to post this in the X-Plane 11 General Discussion forum. Moderators, please move. Thanks.
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