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Side by side configuration error - FSXSE

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Good evening,

On Tuesday night I left my computer to do the new Windows update overnight, Wednesday morning I went to log in and was getting "side by side" errors for basically every program on the computer.  I was able to look at some forums and did a scan through the cmd prompt for something similar to "sfc /scannow" (I don't remember if it was that exactly, but close to) which ran a scan on the computer.  After restarting everything is working as normal, except FSX.  I have the Steam edition and normally will start up Steam, and then select FSX from there.  I tried that and get this error in the screen shot below.  I also tried to go into the FSX folder and run FSX.exe but I get the same error message just in a Windows text box.  I'm not sure what else to do or why this is now only having an effect of FSX.  I have tried to run the sxstrace.exe as it says in the error message, but nothing opens up, or seems to happen.  I have tried typing that into the Windows search bar and tried to run it as an administrator through the windows file explorer.  
I also saw in a forum it could be an issue with C++, I downloaded the file I was supposed to, but it will not install because it says there is an older version already installed.  I'm not sure what to do with that as I don't want to make the computer worse and I'm not really a computer tech.

Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated!


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

Sorry, but totally wrong forum for your question. You posted in the MFS forum, but you have FSX Steam. So you better ask Steam Support as mentioned on the error message.

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