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I just had a small inquiry about my order for the Alpha yoke and Bravo throttle.I ordered them both on the 4th of januari and received confirmation e-mail.My order number is 1120282986.

If i check in my account,the order is still not processed.Is this because of the lack of stock or did something go wrong?I allready checked my bank account and the money has been withdrawn from my account.

When reading the pinned topic on top,it states that normally the expected shipping date would be displayed besides my order,but this is not the case here.

I'm not asking when i will get these(i know i'll have to wait a bit more) but just want to make sure my order went through and i'm on the list for delivery of the hardware.




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Vor 1 Stunde, BelgianTiger_2 sagte:

Just one small question.If the Alpha or Bravo get's to you sooner,will you ship it seperatly or will you keep the order together?

As soon as something becomes available we ship it immediately and of course seperatly.



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