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FAQs during the holidays

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First of all, I would like to wish you a happy new year!

Over the holidays we received a lot of emails and questions - some questions were asked several times, which is why I am going to answer the questions below:


1. Brexit - Does Aerosoft make changes that affect me as a customer from the UK?

Of course, we at Aerosoft do not change anything!

Note that the pricing will be different for you (excluding VAT) and additional taxes need to be paid at customs. UPS has not informed us regarding shipping costs. We cannot say whether anything will change here. As soon as we have more information we’ll inform you here.


2. Thrustmaster "TCA" products (only referring to the TCA Throttle Quadrant and the TCA Officer Pack)

Unfortunately, we also had to postpone the delivery date mid-December for the pre-orders. At the moment we do not have a new ETA for you, we can only apologize for the delay. I promise we'll keep you informed as soon as we have some further information from the manufacturer.


3. My order with DHL International is stocked in Frankfurt

We are aware of the delay and we are in contact with DHL. Sadly, this is also a result of Covid19. Please note that we cannot investigate or start a runtime complaint after one or two weeks. For sure we are doing our best to solve the issue asap.


4. VAT change in Germany (16% -> 19%)

As you might know, the German government has removed the VAT after the reduction in July 2020. In fact, you won't notice a lot, expect that the prices look a little bit better. Let us be honest 8,37€ was not a beautiful price. However, we promised that our customers have an advantage from the VAT reduction, and you were able to do so. Pre-orders with the old VAT (16%) keep their validity and of course the reduced price!


Perhaps one of your questions has been answered here as well and I have saved you from writing an email. Btw. I intend to list the most frequently asked questions once a month.


Kind regards,
Marius Ellenbürger
Aerosoft GmbH

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