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Hi Peter,


How do I include ASP3Dv5 in the Simstarter Autostart?


ASP3D uses an extra start attribute to differentiate between P3dv5 and v4. So the current link on my desktop icon is:  "...\asp3d.exe -simVersion=5"

If I enter this link in the field for the AS folder, Simstarter is not finding ASP3D.


I do have ASP3D installed on another client machine. May that be an issue? Do I need to use the Simstarter Client only and leave this field blank?




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  • Developer

If you run ActiveSky from "Extended Settings" tab > "Autorun ActiveSky" it automatically starts ASP3D with the right parameter.

But as SIMstarter NG P3D does only start applications which are installed on the Sim PC itself this won't work for you.

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