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Help with Brussels

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I am just recovering from a system crash. I went to Brussels to start a flight and airplanes were have inside the terminal and half outside. I cannot find a duplicate Afcad so I can't figure it out.

I would appreciate a little help if someone can.


Rick from Avsim

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You say that this happens to you without having an AI software package like My Traffic X for instance??

I'm asking this because My Traffic X has an afcad for Brussels, and once deleted, or stored somewhere else in another folder, then this type of problem diasppears.

Can you tell therefore what type of none default ai planes that you are using at the moment if so please?


Edit: And one other thing: When you choose your parking gate spot before entering the sim at Brussels, is there a gate 309 in your choice?

If so, then this is not right because the Brussels afcad of Cornel has no gate 309. This would be handy to know as well I think.

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