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PAPI bug on Alta XP

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Seems like the PAPI do not work in the new excellent Alta XP as shown on this image using the Toliss A319 

I have also tested using X-Plane default Beechcraft Baron 58 with exactly the same results. PAPI will not change color regardless of how high or low you are



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with an info from one of the developers the Problem seems to be the X-Plane 11 PAPI Object. 

This is difficult to solve with some airports with a "mesh object".

Laminar Research knows the problem, but at the time no update ....

Look here for example (an answer from Ben Supnik to a question from an user):



So at the time I think, we have to wait for an X-plane 11 Update with this issue fixed.

And I am not a developer. So I cannot solve it by myself.... Sorry.


Greets Heinz

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Thanks for the feedback Heinz


In retrospect, this should have been tested before release, that way we could had an working product upon purchase. 

In same context, the circling lights which is mentioned in the other post as well. 


Anyway, thanks again Heinz, will just have to wait for the fix





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