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Latest updates in My instant Downloads

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Hi Aerosoft

Is is possible to update the files to "My instant downloads" as long as the AS updater is unstable?
Well it is not working for me, and I follow the string with the troubles with updater. 
In updater this is the talest files. And it looks like there is gab to the latest versions.






All the best






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Sorry for my explaining,  Mathijs 


What I meant is that the sceneries in instant download,  are not updated to the latest versions which the AS updater will do... So if it was possible to get the latest versions somehow anyway... eg. in the "instant downloads" on ones account. .

Anyway there seem to be a development in my challenges with the update manager. Because the program was suddenly visible today, so I was able to take a screen shot. And it looks like its maybe an MSFS issue. I will try to look at the forum for that connection..


Thank you







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