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A320 turning left to much taxi

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Seeking assistance. While taxiing, I noticed that the A320 so turning too much to the left. I'm using the yoke (first link below) use as steer tiller and have it assigned as such in FSUIPC. In P3dv4.5, when I move the yoke left of right, its assigned as x axis for ailerons which I have deleted since I'm using FSUIPC. When I click on the "pedal disc" it keeps the aircraft straight as it taxi, unclick it, the aircraft starts to go left quickly. Furthermore, each turn I do appears to be too sensitive as if I need to gently make the turn even at 10kts. I'm wondering if there is anyone who may have the same yoke as me willing to sharing their axis setting. I also have the Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS (its the second link) but use that mainly when having to fly the aircraft manually.



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