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Bitdefender 2021 with "Ransomware"

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This is a notice to all of you updating to BD2021!


Few years back BD inserted the vault (DE: Tresor) function. So I bet that some of you (as myself also) actually use this function to protect some important files on your PC or even cloud.


Guess what? The vault function is no longer supported with the new version of BD2021!. What that means is that after the update you will no longer have acces to that encrypted file!

In other words, BD actualy created the best ransomware ever! This is outragious.


I'm about to loose some important financial files I used to protect with the vault function.


There will be some consequences if BD team can't restore access to my file!


@Mods: Delete this caution if found inappropiate. I think that many users do youse BitDefender as an AV option and wanted to help those reading AS forums.

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I think this topic is very welcome here. We might all be simmers but we all have to maintain our systems as well.

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