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Hello to all. I purchased SAM WorldJetways version 2.04 but never had SAM Suite. Recently I found a new update version 2.07 which comes with AS_AIRPORT-SCENERY-ANIMATION-MANAGER and with WINDOWS - SAM Suite.exe version 1.2 installed in X-Plane 11.50

Launched SAM2 Suite and updated Sam Base Plugin and World Jetways. Later launched XP11 and middle of scenery loading the sim closed.

Tried SAM Suite version 1.0 downloaded from Aerosoft and XP11 closed. I had to uninstall the updated items from SAM Suite to get back a working XP11. Due to many times uninstalled SAM Suite either versions I had to activate SAM WorldJetways again and again.

Am I installing SAM wrong?

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The best way to install SAM is using SAM Suite but make sure you install the SAM 2.0.7 version, the newer ones (2.0.8 and 2.0.9) may cause issues and crashes in certain situations. To do so please open SAM Suite and click the 'more details' button in the base plugin section, then click the 'old versions' tab and install version 2.0.7.


You don't have to install the extensions or world jetways again if changing the base plugin version but make sure you have the ones installed which you want to use. If you're running out ouf World Jetways activations request a reset via Staiport support desk.

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