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CRJ Professional updated to Experimental

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The CRJ Professional for Prepar3D v4.5 and v5.0 is now available via the Aerosoft Updater. Please make sure to activate "Experimental Updates" in the configuration window. Experimental
- [Fixed] Potential crash on STAR selection page due to buffer overflow
- [Fixed] Custom waypoint connections to previous and following waypoints
- [Fixed] CRJ 900/1000 EICAS 2 DOORS page
- [Fixed] Changing of arrival procedure prior to departure not possible
- [Fixed] Airports (or other objects) disappearing from MFD
- [Fixed] A condition where VS would not activate in coupled VNAV mode
- [Fixed] Changed flight level indication in MFD VNAV window from "F" to "FL"
- [Fixed] Mach Trim INOP light color changed from red to yellow
- [Fixed] Flaps 20 speed for CRJ-900 changed from 230 to 220
- [Fixed] LNAV deviating off course on long direct legs
- [Fixed] Aviaserver EFB support (requires Aviaserver 9.3 or newer)
- [Fixed] Gear lever state ignored when loading a flight
- [Fixed] Missing ALTS CAP indication
- [Fixed] VNAV mode changes (there have been several errors in this area)
- [Fixed] No more leading zero if MDA indication is below 1000ft.
- [Fixed] AviaServer CDU screen not updating
- [Experimental] Optimized order of displays drawings
- [Fixed] 1/2 and frequency tuning in RTUs
- [Fixed] Down selection of COM frequencies on FMS RADIO page
- [Fixed] Added LOC and GS deviation scales for HGS PRI flight mode
- [Fixed] Adding custom waypoints caused CTD on LEGS page when switching to FPLN page
- [Added] Weather radar can be displayed on the First Officer MFD now.
          Tilt, gain and range are the same as on the Captain's side WXR.
          WXR/TERR and WXR mode are controlled by the FO WXR panel

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