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Since I installed PFPX yesterday and started using it, when a load my PMDG 737 NGX in Prepar now and started to fill out the FMC, the sim locks up. It's only PMDG, all other aircraft work fine. Has anybody else experienced this problem and if so what's the fix? I really don't think PFPX is the problem but that's the only thing that has changed on my system and everything worked fine before I installed it. I re-installed the PMDG 737 but still have the freezing problem when filling out the FMC. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


John Snyder Jr

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I doubt that this is occurring from the PFPX route John as long as both PFPX and the NGX are using the same AIRAC provider and cycle.


Confirm this is indeed the NGX and not NGXu and on which simulator platform.


In the past entering enroute wind information prior to entering the STAR could lead to a lockup and FMC PIN ERROR.


Attach your OFP and the route file exported to the NGX.

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