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  1. Can I export a flight plan directly to Vatsim or vPilot? If so what's the path to get it there? Thanks John Snyder Jr
  2. I went to download some aircraft templates and can't. You go to download over on the right but it won't download them. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks John Snyder Jr
  3. That solved my problem Stephen. I can now use PFPX with the NGXu. Once again thanks for all your help, happy flying! John Snyder Jr
  4. No it's not getting saved in the NGXu file. I don't know how to set up both so I'm going to reinstall the NGX and try that. I'll let you know if that works, thanks for your help. John Snyder Jr
  5. Something just occured to me, when I moved everything over to the D drive, I did not reinstall the PMDG 737 NGX, just the PMDG 737 NGXu (I have both). I wonder if this could have anything to do with why it's not working now? Hmmmm John Snyder Jr
  6. Well did that but still not showing up in FMC under Company Routes like it did before when I had it on the C Drive. Can you post a screenshot of what it should look like. Thanks John Snyder Jr
  7. Changed it to D:\Program Files\Lockhead Martin\Prepar 3D V4\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\NGXu but it still says
  8. It didn't exist, I created it and it's till not saving the flight plan. I'm using NGXu, not NGX. When it was on the C drive it worked. John Snyder Jr
  9. I have moved all my flight simulator software over to my D drive from the C drive to free up space. Now when I go into PFPX and make a flight plan and attempt to save it in the PMDG 737 it says it can't save to the D drive. Any suggestions on fixing this problem? Thanks guys! John Snyder Jr
  10. I've added the PMDG 737 NGXu to my fleet but when I go to save a flight plan, the NGXu doesn't show up in the options, just the NGX. I can save it here and manually move it over to the NGXu folder but there has to be a way to add it to my add on's so I don't have to do that. Any suggestions? Thanks John Snyder
  11. Since I installed PFPX yesterday and started using it, when a load my PMDG 737 NGX in Prepar now and started to fill out the FMC, the sim locks up. It's only PMDG, all other aircraft work fine. Has anybody else experienced this problem and if so what's the fix? I really don't think PFPX is the problem but that's the only thing that has changed on my system and everything worked fine before I installed it. I re-installed the PMDG 737 but still have the freezing problem when filling out the FMC. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks John Snyder Jr
  12. Thank you very much Stephen, that solved my problem, it's in the FMC now! John Snyder
  13. It's not saving the flight plan in the PMDG 737 flight plans, when I go into the FMC it's not under company routes.
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