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Voice-Interactive Checklists for SimCheck A300B4


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Hello everyone,


I have created Voice-Interactive Checklists (using Windows Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech facilities) for the SimCheck A300B4.


To use these you will need to install the freeware Voice Macro from https://voicemacro.net
Please see my post in the forum at https://voicemacro.net/ForumVM/discussion/405/flight-simulator-co-pilot-for-cockpit-checklists-fsx-and-windows-7-x64#latest for instructions on downloading additional Windows TTS voices and directing the audio output to a device of your choice.


The Checklist Sets are based on those I found in (1) SimCheck Manuals and (2) Eastern Airlines Manuals.

I have attached the Checklists and necessary XML Profiles to this post, but alternatively you can download these from: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/orvxny3codbi2e5/AAAy3iYrTd8Eobu498nC7Y4va?dl=0

Once you install Voice Macro on your PC, you will need to import the XML Profile in order to use it. You can also edit it within the Voice Macro interface or create your own version if you wish.


Some Notes on Use:

(1) You can call for any Checklist at any point in time, for instance in the Eastern Airlines version, if you call "Descent-in-Range Checklist below the line", that will take you to item 109, and the software will speak the challenge "Altimeters - Transition Level" and advance the counter to 110. If you now respond with Set and Cross-Checked" it will provide the next challenge "Performance Data and Bugs" and advance the Item counter to 111. And so on.

(2) With some complex responses, I have chosen only part of the response as the "trigger". For instance, with item 123, you could respond with "25 degrees, 16 degrees, Kruger" but the software is triggered only by "Kruger", which I have therefore underlined. It will therefore be necessary to pause before saying the trigger word, because Windows Speech Recognition cannot pick words out of a sentence. You will get used to it.

(3) If the software fails to recognize your response, then you could skip to the next challenge by speaking "Next Item". You could also use "This Item", and "Goto Next" and "Goto Previous", but with these alternatives you need to provide the response associated with that Item counter to proceed further.

(4) I would be happy to write up more detailed instructions is there is sufficient interest.






A300B4.v.SC.xml A300B4.v.EA.CKL.pdf A300B4.v.EA.CKL.xls A300B4.v.EA.xml A300B4.v.SC.CKL.pdf A300B4.v.SC.CKL.xls

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