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Huge loss of frames on the a330 P3D5 HF1

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well during those critical and terrible times. I just upgraded my simulator to P3D v5 HF1 and I am having sever frame issues with the a330. I get high fps (around 50) at any addon airport such as Frankfurt or Heathrow, but all of a sudden, the frames drop drastically to 7 with a maximum of 25fps.. It is really bothering me as I am not being able to perform any flights and enjoy this wonderful bird. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling following the procedures, but unfortunelty it's still the same. 2020-6-11_22-12-47-987.thumb.jpg.0280cbba1dc2de88d7985c74c42a08d8.jpg

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2 hours ago, machaphi said:

I just upgraded my simulator to P3D v5 HF1 and I am having sever frame issues with the a330.


Right, well.... the entire flight sim community is well aware that Lockheed released P3Dv5 with more problems than one can write about in a single post, and you thought it was a good idea to "upgrade" to it?  You're surprised you're having problems?  You my friend just made my day, it's truly (and I mean this) nice to meet someone who is perhaps the worlds greatest optimist!  Where the heck were you when my wife ran off with a one legged man and his two legged dog?  I sure could have used you!  LOL!


My advice to you is to go to the LM forums an raise holy hell.  Trust me, they are expecting it.  I can tell you for a fact (and I mean an absolute, indisputable fact) that LM knew that v5 wasn't in condition to be released and they did it anyway.  Don't ask me why, I can't and won't tell you why they did it, and really the reason doesn't matter. Raising hell with them might help push them to releasing a more comprehensive fix than they are planning, and might also prevent them from ever doing this again.  


Several people have reported that frames get worse the longer you fly the Airbus in P3Dv5, and I know of nothing concrete that will resolve this except moving back to P3Dv4.5HF3, which by the way is what I'm using. 


The one thing you can try is moving the Airbus entries in the add-on.cfg file located in the ProgramData folder to the add-on.cfg file in the Roaming folder.  Some users have reported success with this, but I really can't say for sure, it might just be snake oil but it's worth a try.


Best wishes, and thanks for making my day!  It's truly wonderful knowing there is an optimist out there like you!  I mean that sincerely!


This post is written mostly in humor, I hope you smile as much as I did when I wrote it.


Best wishes!




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