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Dear all,


I cannot find this topic anywhere despite I made a thorough inspection quite everywhere through this portal. I'm running Airbus 320 with P5V and two ORBX sceneries. When I start the sim the GPU is already at 6.2 Gigabytes. It goes without saying that once GSX comes into action the adventure is simply over. And REX Sky Force hasn't been installed yet otherwise I would not even be able to enter the cockpit ;-) I checked with PMDG QOFTSII and with my big surprise, keeping the same settings, only 4.7 Giga were being used. 


Can you please tell me why this Bus series is so heavy and requires so much GPU while running?  Are there different settings you'd suggest to use in order to avoid the long forgotten CTD? 


Thanks a lot for any tips or suggestions you'd provide me with.


Best regards



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