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  1. Dear all, I cannot find this topic anywhere despite I made a thorough inspection quite everywhere through this portal. I'm running Airbus 320 with P5V and two ORBX sceneries. When I start the sim the GPU is already at 6.2 Gigabytes. It goes without saying that once GSX comes into action the adventure is simply over. And REX Sky Force hasn't been installed yet otherwise I would not even be able to enter the cockpit ;-) I checked with PMDG QOFTSII and with my big surprise, keeping the same settings, only 4.7 Giga were being used. Can you please tell me why this Bus series is so heavy and requires so much GPU while running? Are there different settings you'd suggest to use in order to avoid the long forgotten CTD? Thanks a lot for any tips or suggestions you'd provide me with. Best regards Saverio
  2. Hi, thanks a lot for clarifying. I guess that was the problem πŸ™‚ Thanks again for your help Best Saverio
  3. Hi, I'm using SIMstarter NG P3D. Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce it as I've just finished to set everything in place. I can send you my config file to show you how I've set it up. If it could be helpful, I can only tell you that most of the sceneries (airports included) are all under library and not inside their relevant region or country. scenery.cfg.html
  4. Hi, there' s surely something I missed while setting up the software. Any time I add up a new scenery, the scenery cfg editor which I created and divided into regions and countries is messed up and every time I have to manually re-order all my sceneries. Any idea or suggestion about how I can finally fix such an annoying issue? Look forward to your replies Best Saverio
  5. Hi, can you please tell me which folder and path this config file should be pasted into? Thanks a lot Best Saverio
  6. Ho all, does anybody know if Aerosoft Bergamo (LIME) airport & Aerosoft - Mega Airport Rome (FSX-P3D) will be updated to P5D? Thanks a lot Best Saverio
  7. thanks a lot for your hint πŸ˜‰ Much appreciated. I'll try them to see if they work Cheers Saverio Just for a feedback: none of the two options is working. No way to get them installed both as a manual installation and through LiveryInstaller I'm giving up 😞
  8. Ok, then, thanks for letting me know 😞 Is there any place where we can get updated versions of liveries fully compatible with the new Bus?
  9. Airbus X A320 Air France Airbus X A320 Alitalia Airbus X A320 Niki OE-LEU (new color).zip Airbus X A320 Qantas Airbus X A320 Virgin America Airbus X A321 Air Canada
  10. Hi, these are the ones I downloaded and which used to work fine with the old installer: I opened the zip files, copied and pasted the folder into the appropriate airbus folder, copied the text to be entered into the aircraft.cfg file, I opened the new LiveryInstaller and the aircraft was just there. Once I launched Prepared3D the aircraft was listed but no thumbnail showed up and once inside the sim on the runway the airplane was simply invisible.
  11. Hallo, I don't want to continue to be a nuisance but after having finally managed to run the program and installed the liveries of other airlines, when I load Prepar3D V.4.5 the plane is invisible both inside the vehicle window and at the gate or on the runway. I don't understand why or if there is something to modify inside aircraft.cfg. I searched around here and there but what I could finally find was both difficult to understand or maybe too much technical. If someone could just help it'd be much appreciated πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot Best Saverio
  12. Well, I'm sorry but I can't really tell you why. Look at my pic. I even succeded in adding up new liveries. In my specific case, I only have another issue. When I start Prepar3D V4.5 my aircraft is invisible (I'm only referring to the added-up liveries). Although The LiveryInstaller shows up the thumbnail with the image, once Prepar3D is started, after selecting the airbus no airplane thumbnail shows up in the vehicle window and as a consequence, no aircraft visible at the gate or on the runway. But I'll search around tomorrow, I'm quite fed up now.
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