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  1. Hi, I'm having the same issues. The aircraft is not responding, no problems with take off and cruise (even though I have to costantly check that it does not deviate from its path despite FD, AP, NAV and SPD are engaged, but when it approaches the first point of the STAR, it deviates, it suddenly pitches down despite an ALT RESTRICTION is set up and I have never had the chance to land an instrumental approach. Did you solve your issue? Best Saverio
  2. Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue over here, but in my specific case the sim crashes while loading aircraft + scenery. I removed all mods and addons from the Community folder and just pasted only CRJ back again. The sim keeps on crashing. All steps above mentioned plus suggested in the forum were performed but no way to get started. I tried with different airplanes and sceneries and the sim is not crashing. Below what I could retrieve from the vent viewer: Log Name: Application Source: Windows Error Reporting Date: 17/03/2021 13:10:56
  3. Thanks! I was just starting to worry about as I'm having the same issue over here. Just one question: will all my settings always be there or will they be gone for ever? Best Saverio
  4. Hi, I've been experiencing some issues with the A320 family (both P3DV4 and V5). In both versions I keep on not seeing the aircraft positions on Navigraph charts displayed on the EFB. With P3DV5 I keep on missing programmes such as A3xx Company Route Editor, A3xx Connect Pro; A3xx Fuel planner and Aerosoft Livery. The only programme which is downloaed is A3xx Configurator. I've just unistalled and reinstalled it from scratch and the issue persists. I'm avoiding to update V5 right now because of the Cpdlc.ini not found issue. Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. B
  5. Hi, same issue here! With the unique exception I do not have the 330.
  6. Dear all, I cannot find this topic anywhere despite I made a thorough inspection quite everywhere through this portal. I'm running Airbus 320 with P5V and two ORBX sceneries. When I start the sim the GPU is already at 6.2 Gigabytes. It goes without saying that once GSX comes into action the adventure is simply over. And REX Sky Force hasn't been installed yet otherwise I would not even be able to enter the cockpit ;-) I checked with PMDG QOFTSII and with my big surprise, keeping the same settings, only 4.7 Giga were being used. Can you please tell me why this Bus serie
  7. Hi, thanks a lot for clarifying. I guess that was the problem 🙂 Thanks again for your help Best Saverio
  8. Hi, I'm using SIMstarter NG P3D. Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce it as I've just finished to set everything in place. I can send you my config file to show you how I've set it up. If it could be helpful, I can only tell you that most of the sceneries (airports included) are all under library and not inside their relevant region or country. scenery.cfg.html
  9. Hi, there' s surely something I missed while setting up the software. Any time I add up a new scenery, the scenery cfg editor which I created and divided into regions and countries is messed up and every time I have to manually re-order all my sceneries. Any idea or suggestion about how I can finally fix such an annoying issue? Look forward to your replies Best Saverio
  10. Hi, can you please tell me which folder and path this config file should be pasted into? Thanks a lot Best Saverio
  11. Ho all, does anybody know if Aerosoft Bergamo (LIME) airport & Aerosoft - Mega Airport Rome (FSX-P3D) will be updated to P5D? Thanks a lot Best Saverio
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