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A320: TrueGlass confusion

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Hi everyone,


I searched "TrueGlass" in this forum and I found this comment from all the way back on 27th April:


On 4/16/2020 at 5:02 PM, masterhawk said:

TrueGlass and RealLight are a 3rd party product. We have to wait until they finished the updates. Might not be easy, as they have to recode DX11 to DX12.


When I installed the A318-A321 V1401, the wizard asked if I wanted to install a beta version of TrueGlass and I did so, which created the gauges/TrueGlass folder. Now in the sim I do not see any windshield rain effects even under heavy rain:



It looks like the effect appears whilst the sim is paused, but then disappears once the sim is unpaused.


Hence my question: Is TrueGlass officially supposed to be working in V1401? If so, has anyone else noticed the above issue? My sim settings are attached to this post. ASP3D was not running at the time I made this test.






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