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LEMG: problems with installation.

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Hello, I just purchased the Malaga Airport for xplane 11.
I cannot install the airport correctly.
I think I have followed the instructions correctly but unfortunately I have not succeeded.
I have searched through various forums and nothing.
What am I doing wrong?.
PS: I send you screenshots if you can help me.
Thanks in advance.

¡Google translator!


Capt. 1.jpg

Custom scenary.jpg


Scenary Packs.jpg

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Hello Jose,


with the scenery_packs.ini file the Malaga Airport must positioned above the Global Airports.

The .ini file you can edit with a small editor to do this.


And Malaga needs the SAM2 Base Plugin.

Please install it with the program "SAM2 Suite".

You find it here:



Greets Heinz

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