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Very low fps in outside views, textures taking a while to load and poor cockpit fps

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Hi Guys,


I bought the aerosoft a320/21 for fsx about a year ago, it was a great aircraft to fly, 



However all of a sudden my airbus started giving me really low fps, in the region of 13 if i was lucky. This got me mad. 


I soon realised when ever i went in an outside view textures would not load, therefore giving really low fps! (2 fps was the highest in the outside view)  I usually got around 50 fps in the outside view!


The cockpit view was bad as well. Usually well above 30 into uk2000 EGCC now I am getting 13 if i am lucky and a lot of stutters.


Throughout my simming experience I have been told SWITCH TO P3D which I haven't done. I have high specs for fsx, my graphics card and cpu can easily handle the a320 and the 787 from quality wings,  The 787 the avro and the 757 work perfectly in terms of texture loading, The a320/21 is just the odd one out. 



That is the end of my spiel any help would be appreciated,



Thanks, Leo



My specs: I5 4690K @3.5 

8gb Ramimage.png.92adbced3fe63306b5a80f812e36300d.png






My outside fps at egcc 










My cockpit fps


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3 minutes ago, l.cherry said:

However all of a sudden.....

Then something significant must have changed on your system. New software, updates, AV software, change in settings (FSX, Windows,any drivers...).The Airbus itself doesnt change from one day to the other.

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