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Kiruna - Next Generation updated to

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Kiruna - Next Generation has been updated to Use the Updater tool to update


HISTORY  Release  Updated, better specularity on rwy and tarmac looks more realistic then before (every season).

                Updated, Better visibility for the rwylightnings, it better if you sets the bloomeffect to 2.00 and HDR Lighting enabled.

                Updated, snow on the airport is updated and looks much better now

                Updated, During spring buildings looks more better suited to the ground texture, roofs have some snow spots and so on. Allso some snow arround the airport that has not melted yet....

                Updated, Texture problem with Arena Arctica is solved, it was some issue with the texture during winther.

                Updated, Some minor cosmetical updates.

                Updated, Rwy is not so totaly covered that it was before, The middle of the rwy is more like it should be with the asphalt underneath more vivible.

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