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Left MCDU....again

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I know this topic has been covered to death but not sure if I have a slightly unique issue.

Everything works fine with the left MCDU when using the A320, but if I switch to the A321 none of the buttons are active. If I then try to switch back to the A320 it still doesn't work.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program (As admin with Anti Virus disabled), tried updating the runtime routines (from 2013 upwards as previous are no longer available)but now not sure where to go next?

I'm using FSX and Aerosoft version is A320-A321 V1.31 Steam edition.


Any advice appreciated.


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  • Deputy Sheriffs

In principle you should never switch between complex aircraft without restarting the sim. What happens when you load the A321 directly when starting FSX:SE? Does it work? If not, you should contact Steam for support.

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So I tried loading the A321 direct from startup and still the same issue.

Why would I go to Steam to resolve the issue when I purchased the application directly from the Aerosoft website? It was the only version available.

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so I again deleted the program, removed all the Aerosoft folders, reinstalled the runtime routines, shut down the antivirus and firewall, reinstalled the program as an Admin, started FSX as admin with the A321 from scratch...and It works!!

No idea what I did differently this time?

its certainly a fussy program to install

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