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Flat runways!

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I purchased EGNT and immediately noticed the natural runway slope has been completely flattened, also the PAPI lights are missing.


The runways have been flattened with EGCC too, I'm guessing it's every aerosoft airport? Even the default scenery gets the curve right.

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The EGNT missing PAPI lights are a known issue and should be fixed by the latest update - I'm not sure if this update already has released, there are currently some delays in the scenery updates because of high workload and special situation and so on. The same is true for EGCC, there are some issues which have been fixed but I don't know if the update is already out.


Regarding the flatten: If I remeber correctly both sceneries mentioned use flatten but this is because of technical reasons to avoid floating or clipping buildings and stuff like that. I can tell you for sure that this is not the case for every AS airport, this only happens if necessary for technical reasons because there is no other practical solution to get certain things right. For example, Chania, Tromso, Paderborn and many other airports are not flattened but ship with a detailed custom mesh.


And of course, flattening the airport is not the ideal solution but for technical reasons sometimes it is necessary to make use of it.

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V1.0.1 fixes are online, at least in the aerosoft store:



  • Updated GroundTraffic Plugin to 1.52+
  • Added missing PAPI lights
  • Reduced orthophoto size
  • Added seasonal roads + snow piles
  • Added SAM compatibility to static aircrafts
  • Some minor fixes

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