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Problems with RunSet


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Actually I have a problem with the Simstarter RunSet.

When I open the RunSet-Window, and then Press on "Add Program", no window opens.



But I can see in the Taskmanager, there should be a Window:




What can I do?

I guess it has to do with my 2 Monitor setup, where both Monitors have different screen resolution. Perhaps Simstarter opens this window outside of my screen-range.

I already had this issue with other software as well.

In the Simstarter.log is nothing related to that.


Can you help?



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  • Developer

The screen positions are managed in ".\data\SIMstarter NG Settings.ini".

There you find the Section "[WINDOWS]" you can remove all lines beginning with "runManager_F_" - to try out.

If that does not work - please post a DebugPack.

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