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Display Averages speeds on OFP

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Hi folks,


I'm using the flightplan format from a given airline (LAN) using the Jeppesen Jetplan flightplanning system. There is a section in the flightplan that displays the Averages W/C, ISA DEV, Groundspeed, True Airspeed for the destination.




What I am more interested in knowing is, from example above that is in BOLD, is there a way and/or what would be the general field code to display the average ground speed and true airspeed??? I've looked in the PFPX Ver. 12 template manual and didn't see one.


Also, looking at the TOC waypoint (top of climb) from the nav log section of flight plan below. If there is no code to display the average groundspeed and true airspeed, is there a way to display the groundspeed and true airspeed (in RED color) when the aircraft reaches Top Of Climb waypoint in lieu of displaying the averages???          I.E. AVERAGE DEST: W/C M033   ISA DEV P02  G.SPEED 0390   TAS 0450   MWSR 07/MEKAX


POSN         LAT     LONG          WSR      M.C  MAC  TRP     ZND   ZNT      ETO/RTO   FUEL

FREQ   FL  WIND  OAT COMP  MSA    M.H  TAS   G.S      DIST  TIME          ATO    REMAN


YASKN      N4232.1 E14131.9   03       247  CLB    041      010   00.02  _____/____ 009686
       118 25042 M09 M035      071       243  302    267     0019  00.05  __________ ______

TOC          N4126.4 E14028.8   01       227  CLB    041       026   00.04  _____/____ 008722

       340    27093 M52 M060  052      237   450    390     0100   00.19  __________ ______

TAPPI      N4108.1 E14009.9   01      227   777    041       023    00.03  _____/____ 008578
       340    27093 M52 M060  052     237   450    390      0123    00.22  __________ ______



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